Custom Feather Flag

Top Tips for Custom Flags

Aug 09 , 2022

Custom outdoor flags are nice for drawing attention to your business. Here are some tips to amplify effects for designing flag.

1. Choose Colors

Colors should be choosed from Pantone Solid Coated Colors, it would reduce the color difference in the maximum extent.

An effective custom flag should be made up of colors that are simple, contrasting. A maximum of three colors would suffice but you could even go with two if they contrast well enough with each other.

These are most popular readable color combinations for promotional feather flags:

  1. Black on Yellow
  2. Black on Red
  3. Black on White
  4. Yellow on Black
  5. White on Blue
  6. Green on White
  7. Red on Yellow
2. Limit Text

You need to think about how the font will stand out against the background colors. This is particularly important if you are using your flag to support a cause or to make a statement.

In many cases, less is more. A mixture of uppercase and lowercase makes the words easier to read. As passers-by will absorb your information within only a few seconds. It is important to remember that most people read left to right from top to bottom.


3. Clear Image
The one of most important factors for printing quality is the image clarity,  please provide high-resolution customized pictures as much as possible at least 100dpi.
More often than not when our clients send in their logos, we get low-resolution images, screenshots or photos of logos that will not print well for your custom shop banner. Make sure that you always ask for a Vector or an editable file from the designer that created your logo so that when it’s printed it looks sharp.  If you don’t have these files ready, make sure you work with a legitimate company that cares about presentation so that they may offer logo recreation services if your file is low resolution.


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