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Visuals and examples to help you choose the best custom pop-up canopy model

Apr 14 , 2022

In addition to protecting your team and brand at an event, pop-up canopies are an advertising medium—just like you wouldn't rush to buy a billboard or print ad, you shouldn't rush to buy a custom printed tent. The purpose of adding branding and tent accessories is to grab attention and drive action like product demos or product samples. In other words, you are investing in mobile real estate for your brand. We've compiled frequently asked questions, visual comparisons, and actual customer examples to help your team choose the best custom pop-up canopy tent for your brand.

Common FAQs

Who uses custom pop up tents?

Customized pop-up tents are used by brands across a variety of industries and for a handful of applications. Outdoor festivals and trade shows are obvious examples. Restaurants and food services brands use canopy tents to create outdoor dining options or to support a mobile food concessions experience. Many high schools and youth sports organizations invest in team tents to shelter athletes. Agencies often use portable tents for multi-city mobile tours and product launches. Many non-proft brands invest in pop up event tents to help with community outreach and awareness efforts. Because pop-up tents are lightweight, customizable and available in many different sizes, there

What type of pop up tent frame lasts the longest?

The longest lasting pop-up canopy tent models feature an all-aluminum frame. That means that the telescopic legs, scissor elements and connecting joints are all comprised of anodized aluminum. Terms like heavy duty & commercial-grade are also used to describe full aluminum easy up canopies. Pop-up tent models with steel frames or plastic joints and connecting elements will not last as long aluminum. Read more about steel vs.aluminum frame tent modes.


What is the average turnaround time for a custom printed canopy?

Depending on the level of customization, it should take no longer than 3-5 business days to receive a custom printed pop up canopy tent. There are a handful of companies who can even ship something same-day if you find yourself in a bind. Make sure to ask how a company determines turnaround time. Is it just the production time or does it also include the transit time? It's also important to note that you can help impact turnaround time by making sure that your logo and graphics are in the proper format and you're providing approvals in a timely manner. In other words, your organization and preparation can impact turnaround.


What type of printing is used on the canopy and walls?

UV and dye sublimation printing are the most common print methods. Both methods deliver a clear, lasting image. If printing custom graphics on vinyl, latex printing is the best method. Try and avoid companies that use a thermal press. It's a cheaper form of printing that is similar to applying an iron-on decal to a t-shirt. It's prone to chipping and peeling, especially if you're using your printed canopy frequently.


Why is an aluminum frame more expensive than a steel frame?

We have a separate resource that outlines the differences between steel and aluminum frame while addressing that exact question.


What if something unexpected happens?

Things don't aways go as planned. From shipping damage to filing a warranty claim, it's important to not only know how to mitigate the risk of something happening but also know what to do in case things go wrong. We outline action steps and recommendations for when the unexpected happens.


What are the differences between pop-up canopy tents and inflatable tents?

Beyond the obvious fact that inflatable tents don't have a metal frame, one of the key differences is the look. Because inflatabel tent models aren't as common as pop up tent models, they tend to capture a bit more attention. If weight is an important criteria for you, it's important to note that inflatable tents weigh nearly half as much as their aluminum frame counterpart. Many models break down to fit inside of a backpack.


What type of format does my logo and artwork need be in?

When it comes to digital printing  , your artwork will need to be in a vector format. Examples of vector files include: .eps, .ai, .pdf and .svg.


What comes with standard pop-up tent packages?

Typically, a custom pop up tent package includes the frame, canopy with custom printing, transport bag and stake kit. Our canopy tents includes a few extra features like an integrated dolly system for easy transport and a peak flag, which gives you more printed real estate.

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